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What is Let’s Fast!

Let’s Fast! is a 7-day facilitated fasting and wellness program occurring monthly. An intentional experience for life practices and personal achievement.


Why Let’s Fast! exists

I know first hand how it feels to want a better relationship with food and the body. I also understand how it can be easy to say “change,” yet difficult to apply the changes. This community program was birthed in 2019 in support of myself and my friends health journeys, food struggles and spiritual awakenings. Rather it is body image, overeating, poor food choices, self-discovery or using food as medicine, Let’s Fast! is designed to support you.



What is Fasting?

Most people relate fasting as not eating certain types of foods or food itself. In our program, fasting is the intentional act of refraining from certain daily patterns. These patterns are usually habitual and taking a position to refrain and reframe can be very healthy for overall health. Some examples of what one may fast from: Food, sex, social media, etc.


Is this for beginners or experienced fasters?
Both! Because Let’s Fast! is designed as a wellness program, even the most experienced person who practices fasting can add and takeaway value.


What type of Fasting is practiced?

Intermittent fasting would be the closest form of fasting to what we practice. However, we’ve created our own style that flows with the program’s purpose.


Benefits of fasting:

We could give you a ton of potential benefits but the best thing to do is experience it And let us know. Some of our community has shared benefits of deeper focus, higher and cleaner energy, regulated blood pressure, deepened spiritual connection, etc



What’s different from fasting and detoxing?

Depending on what culture and health practices you align with, fasting can be looked at as a detox. Fasting can also be viewed as its own health practice


Recommendations on food to eat?

Eating food made from the sun that has minimal to no processing will provide some of the highest vitality life force. Like fruits, grains, seeds, nuts and vegetables.


Health care:

Please consult with your care physician at your earliest convenience if you have any concerns or questions about your health.


When not to fast:

  • Pregnant

  • Breastfeeding

  • Recently recovering from major illness

  • Recently recovering from major surgery

  • Under the orders of your care physician

  • Unknown complications with your health

If you have any other questions, feel free to email us at

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