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We are no longer taking submissions for the rest of the year. Let's Fast! will return in January 2022.

Let's Fast! is our experiential program designed to create community while achieving personal success.

Over the course of 7-days, we practice a unique style of "intermittent" fasting and gradually work towards a 24-hour fast. Along with fasting, we focus on a different wellness modality each month, to help you get the best out of your efforts. This means you can participate every month and receive different tools and experiences throughout the year! Along the journey you may be challenged, be supported, have breakthroughs, find friends, use plant medicine, refine habits and naturally create more mindfulness, self-discipline and willpower.

*No one turned away from lack of funds.

Please refer to the Let's Fast! FAQs for any questions you may have.


When not to fast:

  • Pregnant

  • Breastfeeding

  • Recently recovering from major illness

  • Recently recovering from major surgery

  • Under the orders of your care physician

  • Unknown complications with your health


Health care: Please consult with your care physician at your earliest convenience if you have any concerns or questions about your health.

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