Hands in the Soil is a creative wellness company focused on (elevating the culture of how we see ourselves and the natural world.) elevating our relationship with nature and each other. We take action through art, culture and collaboration to provide unique events, workshops and experiential programs. We love having good times under the sun, growing and eating good food and creating thought-provoking content for positive change. 

Our path is to influence and support people in growing their connection with the earth and each other. We use food, art education and dialogue as natural aids to balance our well-being and thrive together.


If you think of soil as the layer of dirt on the earth’s surface, we’d like to deepen your perspective. We see soil as more than dirt but as a living metaphor for the human race. We know soil is a medium for natural occurring growth, but inside of soil lays a diversity of life! When soil is healthy, it is because there are billions of organisms living in community, thriving from each other’s existence. With the healthy exchanges and relationships that take place inside the soil, we are able to sew our seeds, grow our food and feed our families.


Hands In The Soil’s vision is to create a new matrix of freethinking, earth-friendly,
high-functioning creative humans.

Our goal is to activate the power of community to enhance positive social impact and nurture the next generational leaders.


​When soil is unhealthy, its environment becomes out of balance and living soil becomes dead dirt. In recent times, more synthetic chemical fertilizers have been developed to speed up and improve the production rate of crops (plants for food). But when these chemical fertilizers are constantly applied, the natural organisms within the soil become depleted, overstressed or lazy, and dependent on those chemicals [drugs]. Therefore, the soil is not self sustainable and is no longer a thriving community but a mutated, toxic environment. Over time, these synthetics sink deeper into the soil and end up having long-standing adverse effects on the future the soil and its seeds.

Meet Yancy “Yogee.” Comins

“My goal is to create bridges of support towards transformational growth..." - Yogee.