Welcome to that page about who we are!  Below you can learn more about the non-profit organization, Hands In The Soil (H.I.T.S.), the founder,and a fresh perspective where wellness meets the soil.  We are constantly building bridges that connect humans to our planet and ourselves. Please don’t hesitate to reach out!


Build community and create solutions to systemic food, environmental, and self care related issues, in ways that connect with our culture and generation.



1. Build generational wellness (mind body and spirit) within individuals

and families.
2. Advance the state of wellness in the hip-hop culture until there is a code of high health inherited by the community it serves.


If you know soil, then you know healthy soil is made up of a community of living organisms working together. As below, so above. We are here to participate, hold space and educate that nature and humans are in fact one living organism.


​When soil is unhealthy, its environment becomes out of balance and living soil becomes dead dirt. In recent times, more synthetic chemical fertilizers have been developed to speed up and improve the production rate of crops (plants for food). But when these chemical fertilizers are constantly applied, the natural organisms within the soil become depleted, overstressed or lazy, and dependent on those chemicals [drugs]. Therefore, the soil is not self sustainable and is no longer a thriving community but a mutated, toxic environment. Over time, these synthetics sink deeper into the soil and end up having long-standing adverse effects on the future the soil and its seeds.


Meet Yancy Comins

“Power to the people and the plants." - Yogee.

My name’s Yancy and to be transparent, not too long ago I used to litter, eat as many western bacon cheeseburgers I could stomach and only smile when it was at the expense of someone else’s pain. As a young “Black” man in America, I thought I was doing just fine but this was not the way of life for me. A shift had to occur. I had to stop looking outside of myself for guidance to show me who I was and start focusing that energy on my inner world, and listen to my inner guides and growing my spirit. Today, I grow food, make music, produce wellness experiences and don’t eat as nearly as many cheeseburgers. I also smile with gratitude in my grin. In 2017, I became a father and founded Hands In The Soil, a creative wellness non-profit organization focused on building bridges that deepen connection to our planet and ourselves. We love using nature as a conduit to growth and we put emphasis on the youth and colorful communities. We are wellness dipped in culture.


My desire is to empower healthy choices of the communities we serve. My goal is to bring action and awareness to the power of individuality, education, community connection and healthy outlets. My action step toward this goal is to learn and share ways on how to utilize ones resources around them to beneficially support creating tools for growth, in any environment, at any stage of life. I would say my approach to achievement is unconventional and effective.

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