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Our mission is to cultivate healthy habits and spiritual well-being through community practice.


Generational Wellness. We envision a future in which all people have the access and education to nurture their mind, body and spirit, at every stage of life.


We bring awareness, access and action to the power of community connection to empower healthy practices and spiritual-based wellness for all.


Healthy Homies

Supporting healthy practices and spiritual-based wellness for all.

Healthy Homies is a community based healing initiative that recognizes the profound connection between humans and our embodied experiences. Our 20-year mission centers on fostering healthy human habits while nurturing the interplay between wellness, cultural diversity, and the natural world. We advocate for mindfulness, spiritual practices, nutrition, and immersion in nature, with a focus on serving the Global Majority.

Meet the founders

Hands in the Soil (HITS) originated in 2017 when my partner Yancy and I, inspired by the celebration of our son Sōl's baby shower, recognized the profound sense of community and support surrounding us. This marked the establishment of HITS, a family-founded, 501(c)(3) community wellness organization dedicated to cultivating healing experiences and life practices for people from all walks of life.

At the core, HITS increases access to the healing arts and culture, physical and mental wellness activities, nature, and creative exploration spaces, with a commitment to diversity in ethnicity, age, and economic levels. Driven by our mission to combat preventable lifestyle diseases, decrease the disconnection from spiritual harmony with the natural world, and address the isolating effects of modern Western living, HITS places a special emphasis on communities of color. Recognizing their unique challenges and strengths as the global majority, we aim to create a supportive environment that fosters collective well-being.

In the spring of 2024, HITS took a monumental step by launching the "Healthy Homies" lifestyle initiative, a visionary 20-year commitment dedicated to empowering healthy practices and spiritual-based (Indigenous) wellness for individuals of color. This initiative, under our guidance, focuses on preventative and enjoyable methods to promote holistic well-being, encouraging the collective practice of healthy habits. Through carefully designed programs and experiences, HITS aims to create inclusive spaces where individuals can authentically explore themselves, find support, embrace healing, and fully embody their cultural wellness practices. Our goal extends beyond individual thriving to the positive impact of each participant on the broader community, fostering a ripple effect of well-being for years to come.